Department of urdu

The Department of Urdu came into existence in 2008.The aim of the department is to promote Urdu language and literature in the society and to enlighten the lives of educationally backward and downtrodden students of the society who are groping in the darkness or ignorance. Karimnagar is a well- known area of Urdu speaking people with 65% of the people speaking Urdu. The state Government has declared Urdu as a second language of 18 national languages. Urdu is a prominent Indian Language which helps in promoting national integration around the world. It caters to the needs of Urdu students hailing from the region. It offers a semester –wise course with four elective papers as core component. The department is actively engaged in conducting national and international seminars. It has so far conducted three national and one international seminar. As part of academic curriculum, it organizes guest lectures to students by inviting speakers from other universities as well as foreign scholars. Eminent professors visited the department and addressed the students. The department celebrates the Urdu day on the eve of birth day of Dr.Allama Iqbal, a Continental Poet in Urdu. Further, it has conducted the World Mother Tongue Day. It conducts the National Urdu day on 21 February every year. The students have received gold medals for their academic excellence. A few students have qualified in UGC NET and SET examination and a few others have completed M.Phil. and Ph.D. There are four teachers working in the department on regular basis. An Adjunct Professor is engaged in the Department for better exposure of teaching and research.