Ultrasonic interferometer, Specific heat of graphite, viscosity of liquids by oscillating disc method, Stefans constant, Calibration of thermocouples etc.

Laser beam characteristic’s, Scale diffraction by laser, Malus law verification, Cauchy constants, refractive index of liquids, optical fiber etc.

Hall Effect, Eg of Intrinsic semiconductor by four probe, ESR Spectrometer, Digital spectrophotometer, Fourier analysis setup, Temp. Dependent dielectric constant measurements, GM counter and Solar cell etc.

Babinet compensator, Monel metal, Thermal conductivity, Thin film constant measurements, Debye Scherrer film for lattice constant, Lattice dynamics study setup, Ostwald viscometer, X-ray spectra analysis, colour centre density measurements etc.

Basic electronic devices experiments-FET, UJT, SCR etc.

RC coupled amplifier, Oscillators-RC phase shift, Hartley, Colpitts, Multivibrators, emitter follower, IC-voltage regulators etc. OP-AMPS, Timer and digital electronic experiments.

8086 microprocessors, 8051 microcontrollers related experiments.

Instrumentation-LVDT, Strain gauge, pressure gauge,Inductive and capacitive transducers, AC and DC position control systems, DC servomotor, PID simulator and optoelectronic trainer etc.