Department of English

The Department of English, Satavahana University, came into existence in the year 2009. The M.A. English course has intake strength of 30 students each in the first and second year courses. A semester-wise program, the course offers the following elective papers i.e. American Literature, English Language Teaching and Indian Writing in English. Extension lectures are periodically taken up to enable the students for a thorough knowledge in the area of interest. The faculty are actively engaged in student seminars in the weekends. They further take up remedial classes in English for those identified as weak learners and encourage them to pursue their Master’s degree without inhibition. Spoken English classes for duration of twenty one days have become a yearly activity to instil in them a curiosity to learn the language. The department is ably supported by the services of qualified and experienced teachers. At present, there are five teachers working in the department. One is working as Adjunct Professor, three as Assistant Professors (c), and one as Part-time teacher .